Our Team

Ram M Reddy

Ram M Reddy, Founder & CEO of NARM Tech Private Ltd, oversees all business operations of the company. With over 21 years of experience in the IT industry, he combines his expertise in technology, legal matters, and business acumen gained through diverse roles in multinational corporations.

Throughout his career, he has excelled in areas such as Data & Analytics, Software Products Development, Portfolio Management, Project Management, and IT Strategy for global markets. Under his guidance, companies have achieved remarkable success in building robust product pipelines for the USA and EU markets.

Advisory Team


Program Manager, TATA Consultancy Services, Chicago, USA, 25 years of IT Experience in Data and Analytics, AI & ML

Sasi K

Research Associate, AI Center of Excellence,TATA Consultancy Services, Bangalore, India, 17 years of Professional Experience in AI, Data Science & IT Infrastructure Management.

Dr M Padma Lalitha

Professor and Head of Department,AITS, Rajampet, Andhra Pradesh, India 25 years of Professional Experience, Research and Development Experience in various subjects and technologies, and AI/ML.