Transforming Business Operations: AI & LLM Empowered

Streamline Business Operations seamlessly by leveraging NARM Tech's AI Powered Products, ensuring enhanced efficiency.


Our Products


NYAYAH (Launching on Nov 2024)

Empowers legal practitioners and law firms by automating and organizing their day-to-day operations, data, and documentation, serving as a catalyst for efficient legal processes.


ADHYAYN (Launching on Nov 2024)

Harness the potential of AI to optimize operations within educational institutions, reducing the need for manual efforts in data maintenance and management, while also expediting day-to-day operational processes.


VYAYAH (Launching on Nov 2024)

Transforming IT infrastructure management, this innovative product monitors, controls, and provides cost-effective recommendations, optimizing cost efficiency and reducing overall expenses in IT Operations.


VYAVASAYAH (Launching on May 2025)

AI-powered Agriculture Life Cycle Operations Management Application that empowers farmers, agriculture markets, and facilitates optimal farmer-market connections, ensuring maximum profitability.